WordPress 2.0.5 is out

I’ve been watching the mailing lists, so I wasn’t caught by surprise by this release as I was when 2.0.4 came out a while ago. Anyway, the latest release of my favourite weblog software is now available. All WordPress users should upgrade at their earliest opportunity. No glaring security oopsies this time, but loads of bug fixes, and a few refinements[1].

Upgrading can now be a very quick and easy process, so long as you have shell (command line) access[2] to your hosting account. If you do, have a look at The Code Cave, where Bryan Layman has provided a nifty little script that will go away and get the latest official release of WordPress, unpack it and remove and replace the existing files. And as it’s all running on the server, it’s very, very quick. Much quicker than deleting files by hand, and much quicker than downloading the file from WordPress and uploading to your site.

If you’re as paranoid as me about this sort of thing, you’ll want to make a backup of your files and your database first. The files bit is easy if you have shell access:

zip -r wp wp

Where “wp” is the name of the folder you have WordPress installed in. You will then have a zip file you can download to your computer. Or that you can leave on the server. Either way, it’s a copy of everything including smilies, pictures and whatever else you may have in there.

Backing up the database is made easy thanks to Skippy’s WP-DB-Backup plugin. There was a security oopsie with that, but it’s since been fixed and the latest version is included with WordPress.

My own installation requires a couple of edits to make my smilies nicely clickable, and to remove some buttons from the Quicktags bar, but as I keep a text file to remind me what to edit, that’s not a problem.

Overall, I’ve spent more time writing this post than upgrading. Cool.

There’s a more major release coming up, which will be released “when it’s ready”, which is the kind of release schedule I’m comfortable with. But I do hope they don’t sneak it out between Christmas and New Year as they did with version 2.0. That was a bit chaotic…

[1] The list of plugins is now sorted alphabetically by name, rather than by the name of the php file that the plugin lives in, for instance. Which means I need one less of Viper’s Plugins.
[2] If you don’t know what that is, you probably don’t have it. :tongue:

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  1. Brian Layman

    SWEEET! Thanks for the link Les! I have an upgraded version of the script that I am testing today. It has some parameters at the front. I’ll add an option of zip in the backup instead of just copying it. Thanks for the idea!

    BrIan Layman :wink:

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