Torchwood – Day One

Now we’ve got the introductions out of the way, we can get on with the show properly. The action opens with Gwen and her boyfriend having a meal in a city restaurant. It’s the day before Gwen is due to start work at Torchwood, so naturally something happens. The something appears to be a reasonably large meteorite. Moments after it falls to earth, Gwen is summoned to work by text message.

Torchwood arrive at the impact site only to find that the army (or “the amateurs”) have arrived first. Jack sends them packing, and the team get to work. The “meteorite” seems to be a little unusual. And when Gwen fumbles throwing a tool at Owen, a strange glowing gas escapes and moves away.

Gwen is mortified at her mistake, but doesn’t think it can be all that bad, as it was “just gas”. But it turns out to be remarkably bad. The gas, clearly some kind of intelligent life form, takes over the body of a teenage girl outside a nightclub. She goes in, and in the words of Billy Bragg[1], love gets dangerous. The alien feeds off sexual energy with ever so slightly lethal consequences for the men involved, who tend to be reduced to a small pile of powder.

All this leads to lots of fun and games for the Torchwood team as they search for the girl before the body (or powder) count gets too high.

If you haven’t been watching Torchwood so far, you’re missing some good stuff. It’s almost worth watching just for the aerial photography[2], which is as BBC Wales reports is a deliberate effort by Russell T Davies to show off Cardiff at its best.

[1] There’s a Bragg review coming soon…
[2] Helicopter budget: high. Though I have seen some shots reused already, so maybe it wasn’t that high.

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