Johnny and the Bomb – DVD

I mentioned the TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Johnny and the Bomb back in January. At the time I really enjoyed it – it was good to see one of Terry’s books being adapted for TV so well. Changes were made, of course, but the overall feel of the book was still there, and the acting was excellent.

So, when the DVD came out, I had to get it[1], and here it is. The story has been edited into a feature rather than preserving the original episodes, which works very well. A second viewing reinforces my opinion that this is a very good production, and it’s well worth watching. Buy it, rent it, borrow it, just watch it, OK?

As a bonus feature, there’s a 20 minute interview with Terry Pratchett in which he talks about the production, and how happy he is about it. Having had some bad experiences with the Evil Droids of Hollyweird[2], he’s found that with TV, things actually get made rather than being bought and left on a shelf. More TV stuff is coming – Sky One will be showing a production of Hogfather at Christmas, which looks like it will be another good one.

[1] Even though I recorded it at the time…
[2] Hey, Terry, we’d love to make Mort, but we’d need to lose the Death angle[3]
[3] This may be an exaggeration, but not by much

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