There’s no way out!

Acording to a BBC News report, a roundabout in Coventry has been transformed into one of the inner circles of Dante’s Inferno. Or the Hotel California, perhaps. Because once anyone drives onto the thing, signs forbid them from leaving…

It seems that when traffic lights were added, helpful “no left turn” signs were attached to them pointing out that attempting to leave by an entry road would be a wee bit naughty, not to mention dangerous. So far, so normal. But in an unusual twist, the signs are also attached to all the exit roads, meaning that to leave the roundabout, drivers have to ignore a road sign, which is ever so slightly illegal. The local council’s statement on the matter is a masterpiece in the art of not saying “oops”:

The current advice on the installation of traffic signals at roundabouts does suggest that where the entry and exits are separate that No Left Turn signs are installed to advise drivers not to drive down the entry arm of the roundabout, however the advice is not always relevant.

In response to the concerns that have been raised, the city council is proposing to cover the signs in the short term and eventually remove them.

I think that’s officialese for:

We’re morons. We put the signs in the wrong place. We’re going to sort it out as soon as we run out of excuses for not doing it.