And talking of motivation

Those mythical regular readers will also have noticed a mysterious absence from Losing it[1] lately. Yes, it’s been a while since the last weight report, hasn’t it? Checking my spreadsheet, I find that I stopped recording over two months ago, which is not at all good. I have stepped on the scale a few times since then, and the numbers have been getting progressively higher.

It’s not that I’m eating significantly more, or eating significantly differently, but my activity level has dropped. Well, plummeted would be more like it. Quite apart from not managing to get on the exercise bike or the rower, I’ve been lapsing from my usual walking routine. For some reason, I’ve been having trouble making myself walk to or from work lately. Now this is quite acceptable if it’s pouring with rain, or I’m just plain knackered, but this has been happening nearly every day. And the results are not at all good.

It was almost exactly three years ago that I started this whole weight loss thingy, and having made so much progress in the first couple of years or so, I really don’t want to slide back.

So, an anniversary (more or less) is a good point to try to make a new start. I’ll give myself some mild targets for the next week:

  1. Walk to work at least three days out of five
  2. Walk home at least three days out of five
  3. Post the dreaded weight figure daily, even if it’s horrible
  4. Attempt a minimum of two exercise bike sessions and post the details

Now that’s not too ambitious[1], so I should be able to persuade myself to keep that up. And if that works, I’ll gradually introduce more exercise, while keeping an eye on what I eat.

Stand by for more reports.

[1] Always set targets you stand a good chance of exceeding, that’s my motto

9 thoughts on “And talking of motivation

  1. Sam Judson

    As a mythical reader (yes, I read every word you type, so beware) I would like to put forward the dreaded “gym” word – I know you hate them (cause you said), but the one I go to is really near you (Body Zone, Carliol Square)

    Oh, and during the course of reading this blog my weight has also gone down and back up again – coincidence! I don’t think so!

  2. Les Post author

    Sam: You read every word? Even the ones I delete without posting?? :eek2: Hey!! where did that camera come from?!

    Eski: Yes, you’re a well-known figment of my imagination. I seem to recall that you join the gym at Gateshead Leisure Centre most years, then go twice…

    See, I know I’d never keep going, so I’d rather not spend the money and end up wasting it…

  3. Les Post author

    It works for me, even if I did make it up on the spot.

    Oh, and Sam – I’m shocked that you would even consider a gym that has a website created in FrontPhage! :eek: :uhoh:

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