The lost week

Regular readers may have noticed that the last week or so was a bit quiet around here. Well, until today, when I did a bit of catching up, and got round to some reviews I’ve been meaning to get round to for a while, plus a few that just occurred to me. In fact, I think I posted some of my longest articles ever today.

You see, it was like this. I had the week off, intending to get out and about with the camera, maybe have a trip somewhere like York or Edinburgh, but certainly to get some of that kind of thing done. But it went a bit wrong. I mentioned on Monday that I’d been struck by the lurgy, and that I thought I was past the worst of it. Well, it just shows how wrong I can be. I did go out on Tuesday, intending to take some pictures of Westgate House and other bits and bobs after a visit to the Baltic. But every time I took the camera out, it started raining, so I gave up on that.

Anyway, I got to the Baltic, had a good look round and was pleasantly surprised to find some art that I actually liked. In fact, I might pop back and buy a slightly overpriced print of one of them[1]. After that, I popped into work to pick up a package from Amazon (some DVDs). And then I found I had no energy left, and all I could do was go home. And for the rest of the week, I just couldn’t get it[2] together at all. I did manage to go out for a meal and a wee drinkie with a friend on Wednesday night, but I felt like a wreck all day Thursday[3], and not a lot better on Friday.

It was only yesterday that I started to pull together again. Apart from feeling generally tired and even less motivated than normal, there didn’t seem to be anything actually wrong. Bit of a runny nose, but that doesn’t normally reduce me to that state.

Anyway, today I’ve been feeling a lot more normal. Well, as normal as I get, that is. Hence the long reviews and things. So I’ll be fine for going back to work tomorrow. :rolleyes:

[1] Details omitted to build up some spurious suspense
[2] Whatever “it” might be
[3] And it wasn’t the “hungover” kind of wreck, either

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