Robin Hood – The Taxman Cometh

More Saturday silliness from the engagingly daft modern take on the legendary outlaw. The Sheriff comes up with a Cunning Plan[1] to catch Robin and his friends. This involves a fake tax inspector who allows himself to be captured so that he can be “persuaded” to tell Robin that all the taxes collected in the North are in the vaults of Nottingham Castle. Naturally, the outlaws plan to get in and steal the lot.

Meanwhile, Gisbourne takes a nun into the castle. She says she’s an Abbess who has been robbed by outlaws. The Sheriff reluctantly allows her the use of the castle’s chapel, which is where the tax money is really being kept.

All the usual fun follows, including the traditional fight to get out of the castle, with the extra entertainment value of the Sheriff being tricked by the people he hired to trick Robin.

Yes, it’s predictable, formulaic, anachronistic[2] and silly. But it’s a lot of fun. :yes:

[1] Baldrick would have been proud of it
[2] I swear Marian was doing Tai Chi at one point…

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