Torchwood – Cyberwoman

And now, it starts to get interesting. Up till now, Ianto has kept pretty much in the background – he’s been making the tea, archiving the more dangerous bits of alien technology and generally tidying up. But now we get to know a lot more about him…

One evening, after the rest of the team have left, Ianto welcomes a Japanese gentleman into the base, and takes him to a locked room in the basement. In the room is something that shouldn’t be there, something that should have been destroyed after the Canary Wharf battle. It’s a Cyber conversion unit, and in it is a young woman who has been partially converted into a Cyberwoman.

The woman is Lisa, Ianto’s girlfriend. Ianto pulled her out of Torchwood One, and used the conversion unit to keep her alive. The visitor is a cybernetics expert, who agrees to try to convert Lisa back into a full human. As they work, the rest of the team are on their way back to Torchwood to investigate a UFO sighting.

And then we’re treated to a dark and dangerous base under siege story. Lisa’s Cyber side comes out, and she attempts to upgrade the cybernetics expert, with fatal results.

Now having a Cyberwoman lose in the base might be quite enough to make a decent story, but the real meat here is how Ianto behaves. He’s desperate to save the woman he loves, and is torn between her and his loyalty to Torchwood.

This leads to some rather nasty confrontations between Jack and Ianto – Jack showing a much sterner and more ruthless side than we’ve seen before. We also see Torchwood’s pet pterodactyl[1] getting a larger part than normal.

But questions have to be asked. By the end of this episode, Ianto has been through hell, his innermost feelings laid bare, and his actions have endangered not only the lives of his colleagues, but everyone on Earth. Can he just carry on as before? It will be interesting to see if the next episode shows any change in the relationships between Ianto and the others…

[1] One of many things that have come through the Rift…

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