Zima Blue – Alastair Reynolds

I don’t know, you wait ages for an Al Reynolds collection, then two come along at once. In Galactic North, Reynolds collected his shorter works from the Revelation Space universe. In this collection are some of his remaining short fiction. It’s from San Francisco based Night Shade Books, and there is also a signed limited edition which includes an additional story.

The collection has an introduction written by sf writer Paul J McAuley, and notes on the stories by Reynolds, which added to my enjoyment. I’ll just mention some of the highlights among the stories.

Signal to Noise is about communication between parallel universes, and how this gives a man a last chance to see his wife. It’s also set in Cardiff. :cymru:

Hideaway and Merlin’s Gun take us into more familiar Reynolds territory – distant future, ships travelling at just short of the speed of light, and a vast span of time.

But my favourite has to be Understanding Space and Time, an excellent “last man alive” story, and almost certainly the only such story to feature Elton John. No, really. :yes:

All very readable stuff, and like every other Reynolds book, comes with my highest recommendation.