Family Guy Season 5 DVD

It’s only six months since I reviewed series 4 of Family Guy, but here we are with another fourteen episodes of the outrageously irreverent, delightfully rude and above all supremely funny cartoon series that makes the Simpsons look quite sensible and respectable.

It looks like the producers have given up trying to get any major channels to show Family Guy in the UK, so the latest episodes have gone direct to DVD. To be honest, this is probably for the best. This way, we can appreciate the show in all its filthy glory, without beeps or edits. And it’s easier to pause, step back and play bits again when you get those “did he really say that???” moments.

Some scenes have been showing up on YouTube for a while, but it’s all so much better in context.

The first episode, PTV, opens with a quite spectacular Police Squad spoof, which features Osama bin Laden fluffing his lines when recording his latest video[1] only to be beaten up by Stewie, who does a bit of Yoda-style fighting[2] before tripping and falling down a cliff in classic Frank Drebin style. And in case you missed the reference, the usual title sequence is replaced by Stewie riding his trike in the manner of the police car in the Police Squad intro. This ends with him running down Homer Simpson.

And after that, it gets funnier and sillier. Totally bonkers musical numbers, Peter founding his own religion (worshipping Fonzie, of course), Brian signing with Frank Sinatra Jr, and far too much more to mention.

Extra features are commentaries on each episode, which I’ll get round to listening to some time, and a load of deleted scenes, which are good fun.

[1] Look, if you want tasteful, this is not the show for you…
[2] With a rubber chicken, naturally