Look! No wires!

If, like me, you have loads of electronic gadgets (phones, MP3 players, cameras, etc), you might find this BBC report interesting. Researchers at MIT are suggesting a way of recharging our toys without the need for plug-in chargers or even the increasingly ubiquitous USB cables. It involves short range “tunnelling” of energy, relying on an interesting phenomenon involving resonance.

It’s more interesting than the already existing induction chargers (if you’ve seen a rechargeable electric toothbrush you’ll be familiar with this), and looks like it could be very useful. Whether it ends up as an actual product we’ll be able to buy remains to be seen.

Reading about this immediately made me think of Nikola Tesla[1][2], who attempted it on a much larger scale. His experiments ended when his backers declined to spend any more money. Perhaps things will be different this time…

[1] Immortalised :rolleyes: in the OMD song “Tesla Girls”. I recall an interview at the time the song was released in which OMD seemed to be of the opinion that Tesla was rather more female than most biographies suggest. :laugh:
[2] And in one of those vague coincidence thingies, I’ve just read the latest issue of Fortean Times, which includes a good article on Tesla.