Robin Hood – Brothers in Arms

So, we’re back to the popular culture references in our episode titles, are we? The latest in the nicely silly series involves “Lucky George”, surely an ancestor of Arthur Daley, complete with trilby and sheepskin coat. Arthur George is a dodgy character, travelling from village to village, “helpfully” paying people remarkably little for what few valuables they may have, enabling them to pay their taxes. Robin’s not too impressed with Arthur George, and he and his gang happily relieve him of his property. Of course, it turns out that Arthur George is working in league with the Sheriff, who chuckles about the arrangement being a fine one in which Arthur George makes a profit, and the Sheriff gets his taxes:

A public private partnership

So the Sheriff is Gordon Brown now?

Things get more complicated when Allan-a-Dale’s unreliable brother Tom appears on the scene. Tom turns out to be very unreliable indeed, and after stealing from the Outlaws, manages to get himself and his two friends arrested in a clumsy attempt to rob Arthur George. They are, of course, sentenced to hang. Robin, of course, decides to save them.

Meanwhile, Marian is getting herself into trouble with Gisbourne. He’s worked out that someone is passing information to Robin, and sets a trap. Eventually, after some fun with a necklace, he realises that Marian is in fact the spy (he’s quick off the mark…).

Just for once, the Sheriff has beaten Robin – Tom and his friends are already dead when the Outlaws arrive at the castle. And Gisbourne confronts Marian, accusing her of treachery. Robin arrives just in time to save her life by passing her the MacGuffin, err, necklace, but it’s too late to completely save her. Gisbourne has told the Sheriff that Marian is a traitor, and the only way to save her neck is for her to agree to marry him. She reluctantly agrees – but says she will marry him only when King Richard returns. Robin’s a bit upset about that.

It’s all very silly, and the Outlaws look more like a boyband with each passing week. Well, apart from Little John, who looks like a boyband’s roadie. But it’s still silly in a good way, and well worth watching. So long as you don’t try to take it even remotely seriously.