I’m not keen on consoles either

Readers who haven’t been living in really deep caves will probably be aware that some new games consoles are on the market. Well, they’re not actually on sale in Europe yet, but they seem to be selling in Japan and North America. Now whenever a new console comes out, lots of people just have to get it right away, even though they know that if they wait a while, the price will drop, early bugs will be fixed, and there might actually be some games to play on the thing. But hey, that’s just me being old and cynical[1], as I lost interest in games consoles some years back.

But even I, cynical as I am, wouldn’t go as far as these guys. They queued for hours to buy a Sony PS3 just so they could smash it in front of the line of people waiting for their new toys.

WARNING: Some strong language in the video. Scenes of wanton destruction. Excellent choice of music.

Having done that, they turned their attention to the ludicrously named Nintendo Wii. Wii??? What kind of name is that!?!? Well, they resisted the temptation to, err, Wii all over it, but they did give it the sledgehammer treatment.

WARNING: Nintendo fans[2] should probably look away

Conclusion: the PS3 is clearly better built than the Wii. Very important to note if you’re thinking of buying a console and have sledgehammer wielding friends.

More details from The Register here and here.

[1] <angus deayton>So, no change there, then</angus deayton>
[2] Hi Ickle David :wave:

5 thoughts on “I’m not keen on consoles either

  1. Twisty

    This was most excellent! Personally, I consider the smashing of a PS3 a far more worthwhile and sacred thing than smashing a Nintendo because Sony sucks so hard, so bad, and so much – and not in a good way. Cool song – who’s the band?

  2. David

    the Wii is a crap name, fair enough. But I just think sony have had it to easy for to long.
    I’ll be getting my wii for sure, I dont have many sledge hammer wielding friends, come to think of it, I dont have a great deal of friends :lol:

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