I Was a Cub Scout – Pink Squares

I heard this on the always entertaining Phill Jupitus Breakfast Show on 6 Music the other day. I was just getting out of the shower at the time, so didn’t quite catch the beginning. At first, I thought it was a new Death Cab for Cutie song, given the vocal style. But it turned out to be something altogether new. Hearing it again this morning prompted me to do a quick search, with good results. I Was a Cub Scout seems to be a new band comprising two very young looking guys (William and Todd, apparently). Have a look at their MySpace page – they also have a real website, but that’s being redesigned at present. This is their current single Pink Squares, which I like quite a lot. It’s been put on YouTube by the always to be cherished Beggars Banquet record label[1], so it’s presumably official and unlikely to disappear. Have a listen.

[1] They released most of the Icicle Works albums, and have kept them available ever since. Good guys :grin:

2 thoughts on “I Was a Cub Scout – Pink Squares

  1. alli

    during a night of imsomnia and agitated channel flicking i happened to see the video to the pink squares ‘i was a cub scout’ and came to good reason that insomnia wasn’t such a bad thing afterall. staring at the tv screen with eyes on sticks i was completely blown away. i thought here is a band that are gonna be HUGE. so little whets my musical appetitie these days. i am sick to death of hearing such unoriginality (take oasis,primal scream for example) however i shall be following these two boys closely and i look forward to hearing more from them soon.

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