That will do nicely

No, I haven’t got an American Excess card[1], but I have got a new bit of plastic for my wallet that is likely to be far more useful. Now that there’s a Hotel Chocolat shop in the MetroCentre, I’ll be more likely to go there than buy my high-class chocolate from their mail order service. But there’s a catch. As a member of their All Dark Club[3], I get a 5% discount on all orders, which is quite nice, and makes online ordering quite attractive. But now they’ve made good on a promise they made earlier this year, and sent me my membership card, which gives me the same discount in any of their shops. Woo hoo! :bouncy:

[1] Am I showing my age by using that old slogan? But rest assured I won’t use the punchline from the Not the nine o’clock news sketch.[2] That wouldn’t be my style.
[2] Note for younger readers and furriners: try Google :tongue:
[3] I mentioned that when I joined earlier this year