Ups and downs

Humph. Another one of those random fluctuation thingies in my weight today. But that’s moderately normal, so I won’t let it annoy me. I was running a bit late this morning, and by the time I managed to get out of the front door, it was too late to get to work on time by walking, so I decided to get the bus for a change. Well, that was the plan, but when I got to the bus stop, the clever electronic sign thingy told me that I’d have to wait ten minutes for the next bus, which would have got me to work just as late, so I walked anyway. Mutter.

At home time, it was a bit wet, and I was a bit tired, so I got the bus. Including waiting time, this was a wee bit slower than walking. To make up for that, I got back on the exercise bike for the third day in a row, and did the usual 10km. My heart rate monitor was better behaved than yesterday, and showed a peak rate of 148.

I’ve got an early start tomorrow, so walking may not be an option.