Wot? No Gravatars?

Regular readers, or at least those of you who leave the odd comment[1], will be familiar with Gravatars. For the rest of you, they’re those icons that show up next to people’s comments on weblogs that are set up to do that sort of thing, including this one.

The whole thing is a free service provided by Tom Werner, and it’s proved so popular that all the squillions of sites using it have been too much of a strain for Tom’s server. He’s been working on a more robust new version, but as it’s a spare time project, it’s a bit of a slow process. At the moment, it’s not working too well at all – it’s a bit better than it was yesterday, when the main page of the Gravatar site was showing loads of SQL errors, but in general it’s not serving up Gravatars. :sad:

Like a lot of WordPress users, I’ve installed the nifty Gravatars2 plugin, which cuts down the load on Tom, and speeds things up a bit by caching copies of gravatars on my server. Which is why I hadn’t realised there was a problem until yesterday, when some cached gravatars (including my own) dropped out of the cache. :cry:

It will probably be working sooner or later. Updates on the Gravatar Blog.

[1] Some odder than others[2]
[2] Hi Twisty! :wave:

10 thoughts on “Wot? No Gravatars?

  1. Andy

    Have just moved over to wordpress from blogger… I may need to get myself the Gravatars2 plugin. Where did you find the pllug in for the “moods” you have?

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