Why is sitting on a train so tiring?

Slightly longer than usual day. Up at some hideous hour that I’d rather not mention so I could be out in time to get to the station to catch the 7:44 to Leeds. Managed that, went to office, then went back to station with colleague to go to Rochdale for a demonstration of some technical stuff[1]. Back to Leeds, then on another train back to Newcastle. Got back early enough to call into the office to drop off my laptop and other stuff so I won’t have to walk in with it tomorrow[2].

Started to walk home, but as it was getting a bit damp, I decided to get the bus from Gateshead[3]. Bad move. Waited for longer than it would have taken to walk. Mutter. And the bus was crowded. Still, that little experience should encourage me to keep walking in future, so it’s not all bad.

I was feeling a bit tired, so I decided that I wouldn’t attempt the exercise bike thingy this evening.

[1] I’ll spare you the details
[2] It might be a slimline 12″ screen thingy, but it still feels heavy…
[3] Now that I have that option again