Gandalf is not happy

I suppose it was only a matter of time for an attempt to be made to film The Hobbit, given the quite reasonable success of The Lord of the Rings. New Line have the rights, and I’m sure most people were expecting that Peter Jackson would be given the job of making it.

But as he’s currently arguing with New Line over income from the DVDs, and won’t talk about the next movie until that’s settled, New Line have apparently decided to go ahead without him. BBC News reports that Ian McKellen, who really has to play Gandalf is not at all happy with this decision. A fan site is encouraging a boycott of New Line movies in an attempt to persuade them to change their minds. Having seen the list of movies there, I’ll have no trouble going along with that plan…

My suspicion is that removing Peter Jackson from the project is more of a bargaining thing than a final done deal thingy.

However, whatever happens with The Hobbit, I’m far more alarmed at the apparent plan to make a prequel to LOTR. Yes, they want to make an extra bloody movie based on nothing more than some of Tolkien’s notes, and probably an awful lot of stuff made up specially. :eek2: Now that is something really worth a boycott, not to mention slapping the perpetrators with a large wet fish.

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