Robin Hood – Tattoo? What Tattoo?

Now this was a slightly different episode. In the pre-titles sequence, we’re taken back to Robin’s time on the Crusade. He’s involved in a slight altercation with a Saracen who, having stabbed Robin, tries to kill King Richard. Naturally, it’s a dream, and Robin wakes up just in time for the opening titles.

The outlaws raid Marian’s home, just in time to hear Gisbourne tell the assembled nobles that Marian has agreed to marry him. After relieving people of their valuables, Robin takes the ring that Gisbourne has just placed on Marian’s finger, which gets Gisbourne a bit upset. The usual fight follows, during which Robin cuts Gisbourne on the arm, revealing a tattoo that Robin has seen before…

Lots more fun and games follow. Djaq is captured by the Sheriff’s men, and it takes them a quite unbelievably long time to notice that she isn’t a boy. Robin, realising that the “Saracen” who tried to kill the King was actually Gisbourne, completely loses the plot. I mean seriously loses it. Forgetting his vow to never kill anyone, he has to be stopped by his friends before he can kill Gisbourne.

There’s lots of the usual silliness – a rescue attempt that goes wrong (“It’s a trap!”), a side-plot involving a vial of acid, and the Sheriff’s attempt to get Djaq to make some more, and a very long fist fight between Robin and Gisbourne.

In the end, the evidence is destroyed (that acid came in handy for the Sheriff), and the outlaws escape just in the nick of time, as you might expect, and head back to the forest, where they all settle down again. Though there is the little matter of Will Scarlett having said that he thinks he’s in love with Djaq. I wonder where that will lead…

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