I wasn’t built to get up at this time

I am so out of practice with this getting up in the middle of the night thingy. I went to bed at a moderately sensible time, but could I just get straight off to sleep? No chance. So here I am, an hour after the alarm went off[1], and having to face the prospect of going out into the cold, dark “morning”[2]. All of which reminded me of a song – I wasn’t built to get up by The Supernaturals:

Oh, the milk on my corn-flakes
It’s the same as any other day
It’s just me, that’s been dragged backwards through a hedge
And the girl doing the weather
Somehow keeps it all together
But I feel like jumping off a window ledge
I wasn’t built to get up at this time
I’m not the sort of guy that rises and shines,
I wasn’t built to get up
I’ve got a head-ache, I’ve got back-ache,
I’ve got a neck-ache, and I need a break
But I’ve somehow got to get out of the door

Could have been written specially for me…

[1] Look, it takes me a while to get it together in the mornings, OK?
[2] I’m sure morning shouldn’t start before sunrise