Install Sculpture Trail – Saltwell Park

Yet another event in Saltwell Park. This was a temporary installation of a set of sculptures by various artists that run from the summer to the end of November, with items being added gradually over that time. I eventually got round to having a look a few weeks ago, and took a few pictures. What with one thing and another[1], I’ve only just got round to sorting out the pictures. Lots to see in the gallery below – have a look.

One item that was part of the trail had already been taken away, but as it happens, I caught it on a previous visit to the park:

Shiny boat thing

Shiny boat thing

Apparently this was made with actual CDs, which isn’t what I thought at the time.

Here are the rest of the pictures:

[1] Lack of tuits, working last weekend[2], lack of energy
[2] I’ll be using that as an excuse for all manner of things