Maybe a new battery would help

For the heart rate monitor thingy, that is. The watch bit that receives the signal seems to be fine, so I think it must be the transmitter that’s borked. During this evening’s 10km on the bike, for a while it insisted that my heart rate was zero, which doesn’t seem all that likely to me. Eventually it woke up a bit and claimed that my peak rate was 136. But it might have been lying.

Other things today: I had a quick trip to the MetroCentre to investigate the new Hotel Chocolat shop, which is rather nice, and full of very tempting things. I was going to go out again, but decided not to bother as it was raining cats, dogs and baby elephants. So I ended up spending the afternoon sorting out those Saltwell Park photos that I mentioned earlier.

I forgot to weigh myself this morning, so the piggy figure shown was from earlier this evening.