Torchwood – Greeks Bearing Gifts

Now that’s the trouble with all that travelling and weekend working: it puts me behind with my reviewing. Anyway, now I’ve got some time off :bouncy: , I’m going to try to catch up.

Greeks Bearing Gifts was first shown on BBC Three on 26 November, and turned out to be quite different from Countrycide‘s visceral[1] horror. In its way, it was just as harrowing. Just not as messy.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. After a prologue set in 1812, where we see a prostitute, a young soldier, some mysterious lights and a gunshot, we get on with the story. A body has been found at a building site, together with a strange object, which brings Torchwood to the scene. Owen’s first impression is that the body is that of a young woman, who was shot, and who died around 200 years ago, leading us to think we know who it was…

This episode is our chance to get to know more about Toshiko – the quiet technical one of the team. It’s been becoming clear that Tosh has a bit of a thing for Owen, and as Owen’s relationship with Gwen has become increasingly obvious, she’s not at all happy. In a bar that night she meets a young woman – Mary – who knows far too much about Tosh and Torchwood. After a few drinks, and a few more drinks, Mary tells Tosh her secret – she has a pendant which allows the wearer to read other people’s thoughts.

Tosh is persuaded to wear the pendant, and soon learns that hearing what other people are thinking is not an altogether Good Thing. Quite a bad thing, in fact, when she hears what Owen and Gwen think, and listens in on the pain that fills Ianto’s mind[2]. Jack’s thoughts are completely closed to her, however.

While Tosh gets to know Mary rather well :wink: , Owen finds out more about the body. It seems that it was a young man, and he was not shot. Owen tries to work out exactly what happened, and why it seems familiar. Meanwhile, Mary reveals her true form to Tosh – she’s a beautiful glowing alien being who wants to retrieve her property – the strange object found with the body.

Owen finally works out what’s been happening, and calls Jack, so everyone’s around when Tosh and Mary arrive. It turns out that the device is a transporter that Mary can use to get home – she was exiled to Earth for crimes against her society. It also turns out that she’s been sustaining herself all these years by eating people’s hearts.

After the usual kind of stand-off Jack lets her have the device and she disappears. Of course, he didn’t mention that he’d adjusted it first, so that she would be transported to the centre of the sun.

Shouldn’t be hot, we’re sending her at night…

Tosh destroys the pendant, realising that it’s too dangerous to keep.

All of which just touches on the details of the story. Think of all the random thoughts that pass through your mind on any given day. Would you want anyone else listening in on that? And would you really want to hear other people’s similar thoughts? The story dealt with this idea in a suitably thoughtful manner, and gave a further insight into just how different Jack is from everyone else…

[1] Literally :tongue:
[2] That little matter with his girlfriend being a bit too Cyber