Not a bad day

You might recall that last time I took a week off work, I wasn’t at my best, and ended up not doing very much at all thanks to a total lack of energy, motivation and general thinginess. I wasn’t really happy about that :rant:

So far, on this little break (Thursday to Tuesday), I’m doing a bit better. After yesterday’s trip to the MetroCentre and some slightly overdue photo work, I had another moderately active day today. The rain went away, so I went out with the camera. First stop was Windmill Hills park, which I wanted to photograph last month, but the rain stopped me. Then I got some more pictures of the centre of Gateshead, the always photogenic Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the rapidly diminishing Westgate House. The results should appear over the weekend, together with some more overdue ones.

And I’ve just done the usual 10km on the exercise bike, with a peak heart rate of 149. Which means it’s probably time to start adding some more exercises to my routine…