More Post Office Closures

This BBC News report suggests that yet more Post Offices are to close. Apparently somebody decided at some point that Post Offices, rather than being the public service operations that silly old people like me thought they were supposed to be, are in fact businesses that are supposed to return a profit for their shareholders. Hold on, they don’t have shareholders. They are in fact, completely owned by the government on behalf of the taxpayers. But that kind of thinking, based as it is on common sense and reality has no place in the modern world of New Labour. Oh no. Can’t have nasty ideas like public service, can we? It doesn’t help that the BBC, another public service has decided that selling TV licences[1] through Post Offices is far too inconvenient, and has cancelled a contract that goes back to the origins of the whole (admittedly rather silly) TV licensing system. What it means is that more elderly people will find themselves further and further from their nearest Post Office. And more small communities will lose a vital resource.

All this market-driven nonsense would be bad enough if it had happened under the late, unlamented last Tory government. But for it to happen under something that has the audacity to call itself a Labour government[3] is disgraceful. :rant:

I remember a slogan from Thatcher’s (*spit*) days:

This government has turned me into a raving socialist

That’s pretty much the effect that Blair and his cronies are having on me. When the next General Election comes, I’m going to need a “none of the above” box on the ballot paper…

[1] The TV licence is how the BBC is funded. If you have TV receiving equipment, you need a licence. The idea is that the BBC’s funding is collected separately, and gives it some degree of independence from the government. It’s far from ideal, but personally I’d rather pay however much it is these days[2] to be able to watch some of my favourite TV programmes without interruption from adverts every ten minutes.
[2] I pay monthly by Direct Debit, and neither know nor care what the annual cost it. Doctor Who and Torchwood currently justify it, and 6 Music is a nice bonus
[3] That whirring sound is the members of the 1945 Labour government spinning in their graves

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