Robin Hood – Peace? Off!

Hey, I’m catching up! Yesterday’s Robin Hood episode was one of the the most bonkers yet. I’ll pass on the plot summary in favour of a quick run down of the key features of the episode:

  • An ex-soldier who appears to be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and who has some interesting tattoos
  • A Saracen prince who believes he’s a guest in Nottingham Castle, there to negotiate peace with Prince John, but is actually being held hostage
  • A strange helmet fitted with spikes that scares Little John, but turns out to be a dodgy Saracen acupuncture device :rolleyes:
  • Salah ad-Din’s assassins – four female, err, ninjas, who turn out to have been the ones responsible for the condition of the soldier mentioned above
  • More delicious anachronistic silliness – Much wants to have a kebab wagon to park outside pubs, people referring to “science” and so on

Utterly silly, with the traumatised soldier naturally saving the day and heading off with the prince to work for peace in the Holy Land, and the outlaws carrying on as before.

Just one question: is Will Scarlett going to start shaving, or is he hoping for a beard? :tongue: