Talking of the Post Office…

Following yesterday’s rant about the latest proposals to close more Post Offices, it’s time for more postal fun and games. A while ago, I mentioned the case of the postman who got into trouble for drawing the public’s attention to the fact that they could opt out of receiving at least some of the unwelcome junk mail we all get. Now if the management had left him alone, nobody outside the South Wales area would have heard about it. But all the attention has resulted in a huge increase in people registering with the Mailing Preference Service.

Story from the South Wales Echo (link may expire).

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  1. Les Post author

    Thanks – fixed. I must remember not to copy and paste from the Echo. It’s the Cardiff version of the Evening Chronicle, with the same high standards of checking… :rant: [1]

    [1] Yes, I like my latest smiley

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