Torchwood – They Keep Killing Suzie

OK, now this was a wee bit more complicated than previous episodes. It will help if you’re familiar with the first episode, Everything Changes, but I’ll try to fill you in as I go along. Actually, the episode did begin with a flashback to the beginning of the series to remind those with even worse memories than me…

The team are called to a murder scene. Just a normal kind of messy murder, apart from the little detail that the killer has written TORCHWOOD in blood on the wall. And this isn’t the first time this has happened. Someone wants to get Torchwood’s attention, and they’ve got it. Forensic evidence at the murder scene provides a DNA sample and a clue: the killer had been given Torchwood’s own amnesia drug.

In desperation, the team use the alien glove from episode one to briefly resurrect the murder victims and ask them for the killer’s identity. The glove’s a tricky thing, and it will only work for Gwen. Further clues: the killer’s name is Max, and he and the victims were member of a group called Pilgrim, together with someone called Suzie. Adding that to the amnesia drug leads to the late Suzie Costello.

Max is found and locked in Torchwood’s cells. Max doesn’t say much, but gets very aggressive when Torchwood is mentioned – could this be some unexpected effect of the amnesia drug?

And so the team search the store where Torchwood have stashed all of Suzie’s property. And sure enough, they find Pilgrim pamphlets. And so, Gwen uses the glove to revive Suzie. And this time it’s different. Rather than the usual two minutes or less of “life”, Suzie stays in her revived condition. She admits that she, needing to talk to someone about her work, used to tell Max everything, then give him the drug – every week. No wonder Max is a bit distressed…

And then it turns a bit nasty. Suzie manipulates Gwen into taking her to see her dying father, and just as they leave, the Hub goes into lockdown. The rest of the team can’t get out – it seems that a trojan has been planted, triggered by Max reciting poetry.

Suzie planned the whole thing – and her new life is at the expense of Gwen, who will die if the link with Suzie isn’t broken. Gwen realises that all is not well when it turns out that Suzie wanted to see her father so she could kill him. Gwen finds that the back of her head is bleeding. She’s going to die the way Suzie did – shot through the head, only in slow motion.

Jack and Owen manage to get themselves out with the help of the police[1], and chase after Gwen and Suzie. Suzie heads for a ferry terminal, planning to leave for “the islands”.

Jack arrives just as Suzie has dropped the dying Gwen and headed off on foot. Leaving Owen to care for Gwen, Jack catches up with Suzie, and after minimal discussion, shoots her. And keeps shooting her, as it seems she can’t die, no matter what happens. Just in time[3], Jack contacts Tosh and tells her to destroy the glove. As soon as the glove is gone, the link is broken, and Gwen recovers.

But before she dies for the second time, Suzie has a message for Jack

There’s something moving in the dark, and it’s coming for you

which is presumably setting the scene for Big Dramatic Stuff for the series finale. :bouncy:

Back at base, things return to normal. Jack says that he’s relieved that the glove is gone, but Ianto, who’s been on much better form[4], reminds him that gloves generally come in pairs, before flirting outrageously[5]. So outrageously that Jack sends everyone else home. :cheesy:

Best episode so far. And knowing Russell T Davies as we do, he’ll have something Bigger and Better lined up to end the series. Woo, hoo, etc.

[1] Some nicely lateral thinking finds that the unlock clode is the ISBN number of the book containing the poem that Max recited to lock the base down, having been hypnotically programmed by Suzie to get himself confined there if he hadn’t seen her for three months[2]
[2] I did say this one was complicated, didn’t I?
[3] Of course :laugh:
[4] Coming up with joke names for the alien toys…
[5] Who’d have thought that a stopwatch could lead in that direction.

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