Must move around more

Today’s weight is probably the result of sitting around and hardly moving for the last few days. Apart from shopping and so on, I haven’t actually been out since Friday. Back to walking to work tomorrow, so things should improve a bit.

And I just did the usual 10km on the exercise bike, with a peak heart rate of 146.

4 thoughts on “Must move around more

  1. Les Post author

    Are you telling me you watched the Royal Variety Performance? I didn’t think anyone under 75 watched that… :tongue:

    Not even John Barrowman could persuade me to suffer that!

  2. David

    No no no no, I didnt watch it, michelle’s mam was watching it, I saw the start then when I got home later that night and turned my tele on, bbc 1 was on first and he was on again

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