Google Maps revisited

Yes, yes, it’s been a while since I posted a Google Map. I was just thinking about adding a new one when I realised that I had a mental block on how to actually insert one. :duh: No problem, I thought, I’ll just pop over to the author’s site. Well, I got there and found a link telling me there was a new version. Well, I like to keep my plugins updated[1], so I had a look there. And found an interesting discussion in the comments in which someone came up with a different way of making it work – in particular making it easier to choose options for the inserted map. At which the original author cheerfully admitted that the revised version was a better way of doing it and suggested that the revised version should be the only line of development. All very nice and very civilised, which is how all this open source stuff is supposed to work. Nice to see it really happening without any egos getting in the way and nobody throwing their toys out of the pram.

For my own use, I’m combining the new Google Maps Plugin with the excellent WP-AddQuicktag plugin. This lets me have a button to click that adds the options I most commonly use for maps, and makes it easy to change them when I need to. If, like me, you never use the WordPress rich text editor, I’d recommend this method, as otherwise you’ll have to edit the link the plugin creates.[2]

As a quick test, here’s a map of where I went for the office party on Friday:


If you can’t quite see it, that’s Lumley Castle, which is just outside the area where Google have added high resolution images.

[1] More of which later…
[2] If you’re using the RTE, the “insert link” popup includes a field for the title attribute of the <a href... > tag, so you won’t have this problem.