This is the point where all the cool kids[1] get to point and laugh at me and say

What took you so long?

Yes, I’ve just signed up to, which is where the “Listening to…” stuff on the sidebar comes from.

For the benefit of those further behind the curve and less hip to the Zeitgeist[2] than me, this is an interesting-ish social thingyness service. I have a small program running on my computer which picks up whatever music I’m playing and sends the song details to, where anyone can see what I’ve been listening to, which they may or may not find interesting. A plugin called WP Audioscrobbler pulls the recently played songs into the sidebar.[3]

Quite apart from letting the legions of Losing it[1] readers[4] see what I’ve been listening to, the idea is that as I play more tracks, the service will suggest more music to me, based on what other users are listening to. I’ve no idea how well that will work, but it’s worth a try… grew out of the open source Audioscrobbler project, and the client application is still open source. It’s free, and at least moderately interesting.

Now I’ll sit back and wait for everyone to say “took your time”…

[1] Whoever they are…
[2] A nicely silly phrase I’ve taken to using lately
[3] You can get a version of the information direct from, but there’s less control over how it’s displayed so I prefer the plugin
[4] :lol: :laugh: