Robin Hood – Dead Man Walking

More moderate silliness this week. When Little John witnesses a particularly enthusiastic attempt by Gisbourne to collect taxes from the people of Locksley, he gets a wee bit upset. When his wife and son are taken prisoner, he gets very upset indeed. And an upset Little John is a dangerous man to have around. After failing to rescue them en route to Nottingham, John too is captured.

Then the Sheriff, who is getting progressively loopier, decides that a good way to encourage people to pay their taxes will be to torture a few non-payers. I do hope Gordon Brown isn’t watching this series…

All the usual fun and games follow, with the outlaws freeing the prisoners, and Little John having a brief reunion with his family before they have to leave the area to avoid further trouble from Gisbourne and the Sheriff.

It’s deeply silly stuff, but I’m still enjoying it.