Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather

Well, well, well. Who’d a thunk it? A live-action TV adaptation of one of Terry Pratchett’s wonderful Discworld books. Done at a moderately sensible length[1]. All nicely put together, well cast, visually quite lovely[2], and generally right. Books always have to be mucked about a bit to make them work on TV, but as the mucking about was generally done by, or with the full cooperation of Terry, it managed to be true to the book and good TV.

If you haven’t read the book, and have no idea what I’m on about, you really should read it, and the rest of the series. Go on, do it right now! There’s a convenient Amazon link at the top of this post for UK readers, who will notice the new cover design, featuring Susan[3]. I would link to the US edition for crazy furriners, but frankly, the US cover designs are so nasty that they’d make the site look untidy. I can’t believe they do much for sales, either…

Anyway, the whole thing was packed full of details, and I’m sure I missed a few, so the DVD will be an essential purchase when it appears. But a few of those nice little touches:

Hex, the ant-powered computer of Unseen University was beautifully created, complete with Anthill Inside logo :cheesy:

Death, voiced by Ian Richardson, was heard to utter the magic words:

..I couldn’t possibly comment

which just has to be a nod to Richardson’s role in the House of Cards Trilogy

The Death of Rats was cute :smile:

And so much more.

[1] Four hours less ad breaks, so probably 3½ hours or less
[2] Well, apart from Nobby, of course
[3] Or not

4 thoughts on “Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather

  1. Sam Judson

    Only watched the first half so far but was VERY impressed – it felt like prachett! Caroline particular liked the Didactylos quote on why the universe is how the universe it… “Things just happen, What the hell.”

    I though Nobby looked a little too human actually – people not in the know might have been confused by Death’s deliberations on his species :smile:

    And the Death of Rats was SO cute, with those little whiskers and everything, damn that was funny.

  2. Sam Judson

    Well, finally watched the second half and i think overall I’m very happy at a successful pratchett adaption! I thought the second half was slightly slower and a bit more ‘deep’ but still with its moments – I look forward to the DVD to see what else they might add.

  3. Jasmine

    I thought The Hogfather was brilliant! In the first half it was a bit boring but in the second part it was amazing. I cant wait till next year to watch it again! :bouncy:

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