Blogging can be dangerous

Young man gets sent to Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria to manage a new Thorntons shop. He’s staying all alone in a hotel, and he’s not happy. He’s even less happy when somebody breaks the shop window and strolls off with some of the stock the day before the official opening.

So, he writes about it on his MySpace page. Not in the kind of general terms that would let people know he was in a strange town and not altogether happy. Oh, no. In more than enough detail for the local press to reprint his remarks all over the front page.

The BBC Report doesn’t mention if pitchforks were involved, and avoids the use of the phrase “angry mob”, so I’ll assume it was a polite gathering of concerned citizens who arrived at the shop, and the police being called was purely a misunderstanding. :cheesy:

Young man leaves town. Employer issues apology and free chocolates, after having a word with young man. :rant:

And that’s why you should always think before you post…