Robin Hood – The Return of the King

King Richard is reported to be returning from the Crusade. Not only will he be returning to England, but he’ll be passing through Nottingham on his way to London. Most of the outlaws are quite happy about this, but Robin’s a wee bit upset, as Guy has announced that he’ll be marrying Marian now that the condition she set is to be fulfilled.

Robin knows that the King, who knows and trusts him, will listen to his story of Guy’s treachery, but he knows he needs proof that Guy was not really at Locksley. He tracks down the doctor who attended Guy during his alleged illness, and forces him to admit the deception. The doctor agrees that he will give evidence.

Robin goes to see Marian, and goads her about agreeing to marry Guy, more or less telling her to do her “Night Watchman” routine one more time, and redistribute some of Guy’s wealth. And so she does, but finds herself trapped, with Guy smashing through a door. Just in time[1], Robin and the outlaws arrive and Marian escapes with her disguise intact. But Guy manages to stab her on her way out…

The gang split up, and agree to meet back at the cave which is their current base. Little John and Much get there first, and later Robin arrives, carrying Marian, who is badly hurt. Djaq manages to sew the wound, but it soon becomes clear that Marian’s injuries are worse that first feared. Robin heads to Nottingham to collect the doctor.

Meanwhile, Alan a Dale is persuading Will Scarlet to join him in running off with the stolen silver. With the King returning, their outlaw days ill be over, and it’s not as it they’ll be needed. Will is reluctant, but allows himself to be persuaded.

Robin collects the doctor, and they ride back to the forest. But Robin doesn’t notice the doctor leaving a trail of bandages behind them.

Back at the cave, the doctor observes Djaq’s work and tells her she may have saved Marian’s life. Robin finally notices that the doctor’s bag seems to have rather fewer bandages in it than it did when they left Nottingham. He leaves the cave and finds some of the bandages, which he realises will be leading the Sheriff to him. Gathering a few of them, he races back to the cave. The doctor is on his way out, and taunts Robin. Surely he should have realised that Guy had warned him that someone would ask about his alibi? Surely he realised there would be a plan? And the charade is over

for your friend is dead

Now I didn’t quite see that coming. After the general silliness of most of the series, things have now taken a much darker turn. Robin has lost the woman he loves, two of his men are nowhere to be found, and the Sheriff is coming. Which is just the right time to see the dreaded words

To be continued…

Yup, it’s a good old-fashioned cliffhanger. And there’s just one episode to go. I think Robin’s going to be a bit annoyed when he sees the Sheriff and Guy…

[1] Of course

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