Torchwood – Out of Time

Now this was a rather different episode. No monsters, no ghosts, no serious threats, and a minimum of actual weirdness. Jack, Gwen and Owen arrive at an airfield to meet a plane that’s just reappeared – it was last seen taking off in 1953. With no way of sending it back, the three occupants are taken to Torchwood’s base.

There seems to be a procedure for this kind of thing – given the nature of the Rift that runs through Cardiff, people from different times must be popping in all the, err, time. Plans are made to give them new identities and to bring them up to date…

It all seems to be coming along nicely at first, and it all looks like not a lot is happening, but the Torchwood team find themselves getting drawn into the lives of the people from the past.

Gwen grows close to Emma, who’s just 18. She brings Emma to stay in her flat, lying to her long-suffering boyfriend Rhys about her origins.

Owen, in typical fashion, starts an affair with Diane – the pilot and most confident of the travellers. Quite atypically, he find himself falling in love with her.

And Jack grows close to John, an older man who’s lived his life, and can’t bear the thought of trying to start another one, after finding that his son is now an old man with Alzheimer’s disease.

After a row with Rhys, Gwen finds herself questioning her life, and feels even worse when Emma leaves for a job in London.

Owen is appalled when Diane takes her plane and flies back into the temporal rift, with no idea where or when it will take her.

And Jack faces up to the loneliness and isolation of his own confused life – being so far from his own time, he understands John’s despair, and stays with him as he kills himself in a smoke-filled car.

All three have been badly affected by their encounters with people from the past. What next?

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