Doctor Who – The Runaway Bride

Last time we saw the Doctor, he’d just been separated from Rose, and before he’d had a chance to even begin to come to terms with his loss, a strange woman in a wedding dress appeared in the Tardis, which seemed to surprise him a wee bit. And on Christmas Day, we finally got to find out what was going on.

Before I go into the gory details, I have to digress a wee bit[1]. I’ve seen several TV critics apparently independently pointing out something quite remarkable. The Doctor Who Christmas special has become a tradition. Already. How cool is that?? :grin:

I’ll forgo the usual plot summary in favour of mentioning some of the remarkably cool highlights of this Russell T Davies episode.

Cardiffians will have been pleased to see that Howell’s department store was actually allowed to let its name show[2].

The Tardis chased a taxi down the M4. I’ll say that again. The actual Tardis chased an actual taxi down the actual M4. Very silly, and very cool.

Those sinister robot Santas we met a year ago made a repeat appearance, only this time they were under the control of the really quite delightfully bonkers Empress of Racnoss, who looked like a cross between a rather large spider and a pantomime devil, only without the personal charm.

There was a lot of fun involving the Thames Barrier and some Segways.

Catherine Tate as the Bride was, well, err, Catherine Tate. Fun. And not about to take any nonsense from anyone, not even the Empress of Racnoss or the Doctor.

And of course, there was some lovely RTD[3] dialogue. When the Doctor produces a large remote control unit[4] seemingly from nowhere, Donna (the Bride) asks where he got it from

Doctor: I’ve got pockets
Donna: How did that fit in there?
Doctor: They’re bigger on the inside!

And a classic example of Tenth Doctorness[5]

Only a madman talks to thin air, and trust me, you don’t want to make me mad

It’s all great fun, and acts as a nice interlude between series. At the end, when everything’s been sorted out[8], the Doctor invites Donna to travel with him, but she declines, saying that his kind of life is not for her. But very perceptively, she tells the Doctor that he needs to find someone else.

You need someone to stop you sometimes

And off he goes on his travels, quite unusually letting the Tardis zoom straight up into the sky. I think he was showing off…

And after that, we had the obligatory teaser for series three, in which we briefly met new companion Martha Jones, saw some nicely nasty looking monsters, and….

The Black Dalek from “Doomsday”!

Yes!! More Daleks next year! :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:

In case you haven’t guessed, I loved it! The only trouble is that it’s a long wait to the next series. Months!! Good job there are some DVDs on the way…

[1] As I generally do. Digression is one of the things that I do a lot of
[2] Though it was still pretending to be in London[9]
[3] Russell T Davies, do pay attention :rolleyes:
[4] Which looked suspiciously like the one that comes with the remote control Dalek available from all major retailers
[5] Right up there with the one about what monsters have nightmares about[6]
[6] Me![7]
[7] The Doctor that is, not actually me
[8] Well, apart from a slight lack of water in the Thames, but that’s a minor detail
[9] It did seem strange that a tank parked on St Mary’s Street could shoot at something hovering over London… :lol:

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