The Hours

The Hours are a fairly new band whose single Ali in the Jungle wedged itself into my brain recently. In a rare piece of accurate marketing, their record company sent me a message yesterday telling me where to find their website. It’s worth a look – you can download a free song, see at least one video, and there’s a link to the inevitable MySpace page.

It also proudly displays their manifesto, which begins:

We are The Hours. It’s true. We mean what we say. Every note. Every beat. Every syllable. We believe it’s time for a change. It’s time to break the cycle, turn over onto a fresh page. Time to get up off our arses, stand up and be counted. All of us, no exceptions.

I like that. According to the email:

The Hours are Anthony Genn and Martin Slattery, between them they have played in Elastica, Pulp, Black Grape and Joe Strummer’s Mescaleros.

And if either or both of them was good enough for Joe Strummer, they’re certainly worth paying attention to. I’m not going to compare them to anything else, because that sort of thing is always a bit silly. But they are playing some nicely passionate guitar-led music that is pleasing to my ears. They did a nice performance on Later with Jools Holland a few weeks back, and their album is due out in February.

Check them out now and beat the rush.

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