Torchwood – Combat

This episode was written by Noel Clarke, who played Mickey Smith in the last two seasons of Doctor Who, and I have to say he did a nice job of it.

After the low-key, but disturbing events of last week, it’s back to business as usual for Torchwood. Business as messed-up and disturbed as usual, that is. Owen is still upset by Diane’s departure into the temporal rift. Not that he’s going to admit that if he can help it, of course. And Gwen’s trying to salvage her relationship with long-suffering boyfriend Rhys. She’s having a night off, and they’re in a restaurant. This doesn’t go quite according to plan, as she sees Jack in pursuit of a Weevil[1]. Abandoning Rhys, she rushes to help Jack.

They arrive at a car park just in time to see the Weevil being forced into a van by a group of masked men, who somehow managed to get away from the Torchwood guys.

Back at the Hub, Tosh uses Cardiff’s CCTV camera records to track down the van. The trail leads Jack to an abandoned warehouse, where the body of a man is found. A man who’s been beaten up before being killed by a Weevil.

Someone is clearly up to something very nasty involving Weevils, and Jack sends Owen in undercover to find out what’s going on. Jack meets Mark Lynch, an estate agent[2]. Mark draws Owen into his secret world. A world where bored young men with too much money and remarkably few braincells are prepared to do anything to relieve their boredom. Including fighting Weevils in a cage. The dead man was part of Mark’s group, and he just stayed in the cage a bit too long…

Mark also tells Owen something we’ve heard before

There’s something moving out there in the darkness

The last time we heard that, it came from Suzie, who was probably best placed to know, what with being dead and all that. How a dodgy Cardiff estate agent comes to know that remains to be seen…

As you might expect, Owen is forced into the cage with the Weevil, only to be rescued in the traditional nick of time by Jack and the others. Only Owen isn’t so sure he wanted to be rescued, and back at the Hub, he seems to be not quite his normal self. I certainly don’t recall him baring his teeth like that before. Has being nibbled by a Weevil changed him for the worse?

It was lots of messy fun[3], and made a point of developing the issues raised in the previous episode. Which leads us to the end of the series. This will be a double bill on New Year’s Day on BBC3, and next Wednesday on BBC2. Check your times now, folks – you won’t want to miss it. It’s going to involve some entertaining displacement in time. And perhaps we’ll find out what it is that’s out there in the darkness. Whatever it is, I doubt if Jack’s going to like it.

[1] Those nasty aliens with the sharp teeth that we first met in the first episode
[2] And you know that you should always avoid them, right? :tongue:
[3] Weevils do make a mess when they bite people