Ignore all rumours!

Hmmmm. The third series of Doctor Who hasn’t actually been finished yet, and a fourth series hasn’t actually been commissioned yet[1], but the BBC have found it necessary to deny a report that David Tennant intends to leave half way through the fourth series, which will presumably be shown in 2008. Given his quite spectacular take on the part this year, I’d like him to stay around for at least two more years[2], so I’m sticking my fingers in my ears and shouting La La La La I can’t hear you to any rumours to the contrary. So there.

In other Doctor Who news, it has been revealed just what the Daleks will be up to in the new series. The Doctor and new companion Martha Jones will meet everyone’s favourite psychotic fascistic metallic mass-murdering loons in 1930s New York, which sounds like fun.

[1] Surely a mere formality. I’d hate to have to get annoyed with the BBC…
[2] Three full years would be a reasonably typical duration as the Doctor. Longer would be better, though

4 thoughts on “Ignore all rumours!

  1. Tanya

    Not to be sappy but I just saw a sneak peak at the Christmas special to be released in the spring. I am just moved by the subtle reoccurrences of Rose Tyler from The Doctor. Allows us to see Lost… but NOT forgotten! I would still like to see the whole Bad Wolf thing be a twist of Rose is also a Time Lord of some sort like a physic that doesn’t know how to work their power. If they must replace The Doctor… allow him to see her once more in a cool way. A way – which even the Doctor did not quite think of but once thought about it… “of course, that’s brilliant!”.

  2. Les Post author

    They’re making you wait till the spring for the Christmas special? That’s cruelty!!! It’s bad enough waiting for the next series…

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