So where’s mine?

It’s been reported by several bloggers that Microsoft have been sending people shiny new laptops complete with the shiny new Windows Vista. To avoid allegations of bribery and the like, these are officially review machines which the recipients are free to return to Microsoft, give away via their sites, or keep if they so wish.

Some people naturally see this in the worst possible light. Obviously the Evil Empire is trying to persuade people to write Nice Things about Vista by offering them nice toys. How shocking!

I’m just shocked that I wasn’t included! What’s the matter, aren’t I influential enough?[1] Is my Lescam picture too shocking? Is it something I said about the Dancing Bear Steve Ballmer? Or was it just an administrative error? I can see I’m going to have to have a word with someone who works for Microsoft[2]!

[1] I’ll take that as a “no”, shall I? :tongue:
[2] You know who you are! And don’t give me those excuses about it “not being your department”! :laugh: