Robin Hood – A Clue: No

And so we reach the end of the series. Before I go into the details, I have to digress to reveal one previously concealed piece of information: Little John is a disguised Klingon. I suppose I should have realised sooner. All the hints were there: the size, the superhuman strength and the tendency to grunt rather than engage in conversation. But in tonight’s episode he revealed his true identity by uttering the words

…a good day to die

But enough of that, and on with the show. Last week, we were left in a seemingly inescapable situation. Allan and Will had disappeared, Marian was dead, Robin seemed to be too upset to do anything, and the Sheriff and Guy were getting close…

Leaving Robin in the cave, Much and John go out to confront the Bad Guys[1]. Just as they’re about to be killed by the Sheriff’s soldiers, Robin comes storming out of the cave and forgets his principle of not killing anyone. Arrows everywhere. Soldiers dying. As you might expect, Allan and Will turn up just in time to turn the fight, and the Sheriff, Guy and the surviving soldiers flee. All very good, and very traditional.

Everyone goes into the cave to pay their last respects to Marian. But what’s this? Could she be breathing? Well, yes. Obviously, the writers are borrowing other ideas from Star Trek[2]. It seems the dodgy doctor[3] had dosed her with hemlock, obviously intending to kill her, but she was strong enough, etc, etc. This was either an outrageous cop-out, or a masterful piece of misdirection. I haven’t quite decided which at this point, but overall I’m inclined to let them get away with it.

Back at Nottingham, the Sheriff belatedly reveals to Guy that the King isn’t really coming to Nottingham after all. An imposter is coming, arranged by the Sheriff. As none of the local nobles have ever seen King Richard, he will use his fake King to flush out people who oppose him[4]. Guy has a pang of conscience – Marian has agreed to marry him as the King is returning, and he’s worried about deceiving her.

And so it goes. Marian’s father Edward, believing that the Sheriff will try to kill the King, asks Robin to help him and the other nobles protect Richard. Robin refuses. All he cares about is stopping Marian from marrying Guy.

I’m sick of doing the right thing

Yes, even though Marian isn’t dead after all, Robin is still managing to lose the plot completely. He even manages to provoke the ever-faithful Much into giving him an overdue smack before walking away from him.

Marian asks Guy if Robin’s claim that he tried to kill King Richard is true. She appears to believe his denial, and when she tells Robin that she will go ahead with the wedding, Robin goes off in a huff.

Realising that Robin isn’t going to do anything useful, the rest of the gang go to help Edward and the other nobles. As they approach the castle, Much runs off to find Robin, which is just as well, as he sees the “King” and his guard approaching. Having fought with the real Richard, he immediately realises that something fishy is going on, and runs to stop the wedding.

And so he does. With a bit of bell-ringing and shouting, he gets the message across that the King isn’t really in Nottingham. Marian is a bit annoyed about this, and gets even more annoyed when Guy tells her of the Sheriff’s plot. When he tells her that her father will be protected so long as she marries him, she appears to acquiesce. Well, she lets him put the ring on her finger, only to switch it to her right hand, for the best result when she thumps him. Running out of the church, she is met by Robin, who has of course arrived at just the right moment.

And so they go to Nottingham to sort out the Sheriff. More comedy archery is employed, leaving the Sheriff hanging upside down[5], the guards dumbfounded and the Good Guys free to fight another day.

The only difference is that now, finally, Marian and Robin have managed to tell each other what everyone else knew: that they love each other.

So there it is. The series had a few dips, but overall it was good undemanding Saturday evening entertainment. The next series is in production, and will probably be shown in the Autumn of 2007[6]. Of course, they’ll have had to replace all the scenery that Keith Allen chewed, but I’m sure they can manage that.

And it should give Will Scarlett enough time to either grow a beard or decide against it…

[1] Only one of whom is actually called Guy
[2] You know, someone dies, then they come back…
[3] Guy had him killed to make sure he couldn’t give evidence, of course…
[4] Nearly everybody, probably…
[5] Not for the first time. You might almost think he like that kind of thing
[6] Which is closer than you think[7]
[7] Unless you think it’s next week, in which case it isn’t

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