Someone send the Guardian a map

Yesterday, I mentioned that NewcastleGateshead had been voted the best place in the UK for the arts.[1]

Today’s Guardian ran the story. This would have been a Good Thing, if it wasn’t the fact that the headline read

Welcome to Newcastle, the UK’s capital of the arts

And throughout the article, reference was made to “Newcastle upon Tyne”. They did notice that the Baltic is in Gateshead, but seemed to be under the impression that Gateshead is in Newcastle, rather than separated from it by that bit of water known as the Tyne. They also failed to get the full name of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, which suggests that they’ve never been to see it, given that it’s painted in large friendly letters at both ends.

I’d probably have let all this southern[2] cluelessness go if the writer hadn’t shot himself in the foot with his opening sentence

To the wholly uninformed, Newcastle upon Tyne remains a city best known for brown ale and fanatical football fans.

To the really uninformed, Newcastle upon Tyne extends across the Tyne.

I’ve emailed the Guardian letters page…

[1] According to a survey, etc…
[2] The Guardian originated in Manchester, which is almost northern :tongue: , but it’s become as London-centric as the rest of the national press.