Maybe that’s where the energy goes

I just mentioned my lack of exercise this year. I have a theory. It’s all the extra typing that’s making me too tired to get on the bike!

The figures speak for themselves:

2003: 2 posts[1]
2004: 515 posts[2]
2005: 576 posts
2006: 620 posts

Interestingly[3], 2006 saw the two lowest posting months since I started this blogging malarkey[4] and the two highest posting months so far[7].

At least one person[10] claims to read all of this stuff. I’ll try to take up less more of your time in 2007. :wave:

[1] Well, not really, I just backdated a few when I started the site in 2004
[2] Started in February, so not a complete year
[3] For an arbitrarily “un” value of “interesting” :tongue:
[4] February: 19[5], June 22[6]
[5] I was on a few courses that month
[6] Errr, couldn’t be bothered, or something
[7] August: 77[8], December 70[9]
[8] Blame the camera :smile:
[9] Random babble, mostly
[10] Hi Sam!

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  1. Les Post author

    While Twisty is indeed very twisted, I’m not at all sure that she’d be happy to be called “he”….

    There again, she has trouble understanding British accents, so she’ll probably not understand you :cheesy:

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