The Sarah Jane Adventures

I was so engrossed in other things on New Year’s Day that I completely forgot to watch the not exactly a pilot[1] of the second spin-off from the revitalised Doctor Who – The Sarah Jane Adventures. Created by the increasingly indispensable Russell T Davies, this series is being made for Children’s BBC[2] and stars Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, who we last saw in School Reunion last year. Fortunately, it’s available on Telewest’s Replay service, so I watched it this evening.

The series will involve Sarah and her young sidekicks combating assorted alien menaces, and on the strength of this opening episode, it’s going to be more fun than a very fun thing that’s having a really good day. Menacing monsters, nifty gadgets and, well, it’s Sarah Jane Smith! What more do you want?[3]

The plot involved a very suspicious fizzy drink with an added organic ingredient that you’d be better off not drinking, shape-shifting aliens, a mysterious boy who seems to know a lot but is a bit vague on who he actually is, and Sarah’s new neighbours. Lots of fun. If you missed it, try and catch a rerun[4].

And if you have any doubts at all, I have two words that should convince even the most sceptical viewer:

Sonic Lipstick

The Sarah Jane Adventures: cooler than a very cool thing that’s sitting on an iceberg.

[1] It’s not a pilot if the series has already been commissioned, right?
[2] But that’s not going to stop adults watching :cheesy:
[3] OK, K9 would be cool, but he’s a bit busy stopping a black hole from destroying the world. Good dog!
[4] Or if you have Telewest[5] cable TV, press the TV on demand button and catch up now
[5] And quite possibly NTL

4 thoughts on “The Sarah Jane Adventures

  1. Sam Judson

    I wasn’t totally convinced till the end, when you’ve won me over!

    Best to catch it before Monday, as Replay only goes back 6 days…

    What on earth are you going to review now that Robin[6] and Torch[7] are over?

    [6] Hood, [7] Wood… weird eh?

  2. Les Post author

    Lots of fun. I was sceptical about the concept, and it might not work too well as a series[8], but it was very nicely done. Sarah’s attic full of toys looks like a lot more fun.

    TV does look like a bit of a desert from now until April. But there are some classic Doctor Who DVDs coming soon.

    [1] But RTD has done some very successful kids’ TV in the past….

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