End of week one

Funny how a four-day week can seem so long…

Quite a busy week at work, dealing with all the usual support stuff as well as trying to get my brain to work properly on some new stuff I’m evaluating[1].

I walked to and from work every day, without even contemplating the possibility of getting on a bus. I didn’t use the lift at work even once. I did a moderate amount of exercise on four consecutive evenings[2].

My weight is showing a bit of a downward trend.

All quite positive, and I’m going to try to keep it up. I also seem to be posting more and more here, and I’ll probably keep that up, too.

And the Torchwood end of series review should appear tomorrow.

[1] rDirectory, which will let us provide more information to users, let people change information without having to let them near actual admin accounts or tools that can be dangerous in the wrong hands, and do other clever stuff once I’ve read the manual a bit more.
[2] Yes, this is my night off, so there :tongue: