Tomorrow’s World

As I mentioned when Raymond Baxter died, Tomorrow’s World was a TV show I always watched when I was a kid. Over the years, presenters changed, and audiences fell. The last time I saw it, it was being presented by Peter Snow, a man who showed absolutely no sign of understanding any of the science and technology he was talking about, and I pretty much gave up on it. I may have caught one or two of the last series which featured the enthusiastic Adam Hart-Davis, but the damage was done, and the series was cancelled.

This was a shame, as there was nothing quite like it for actually demonstrating advances in science and technology and for making a reasonable attempt to explain things. The science-based programmes that remain tend to be superficial to the point of, errr, complete pointlessness.

But now the BBC is bringing Tomorrow’s World back! :bouncy: :bouncy:

Oh, wait. They’re not bringing back an intelligent magazine programme devoted to science and technology and showing it on a major channel at a sensible time. Oh no. Nothing so tediously old-fashioned.[1] They’re bringing it back as a “brand”. News reports will be labelled as “Tomorrow’s World” for reasons that probably make sense to somebody in the BBC. Various website bits and pieces will also get the label, including a blog about the Consumer Electronics Show.

I was quite amused to see that a post there entitled Why Tomorrow’s World?, which attempts to explain the rationale behind all this silliness has gathered a lot of comments, most of which are suggestions that what the BBC should really do is bring the TV programme back, preferably in a more intelligent form than its last incarnation. Can’t say I’m surprised….

[1] Or “sensible” or “useful” as I tend to think of it

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