Torchwood – End of Days

And here it is. The Big Bad Climax Episode. I was expecting something a wee bit special[1], but this was better than I was hoping for.

Since the Rift was opened, strange things have been happening. A fleet of spacecraft appears over the Taj Mahal. English Civil War soldiers appear in cities. There’s a very angry Roman soldier in the police cells. And worst of all, people have turned up in a Cardiff hospital with a very contagious and very deadly disease: the Black Death.

Jack shows the team the awful truth: the Rift in time is spreading, and it all traces back to the Hub. He tells Owen that it’s all his fault…

Meanwhile, the team are seeing flashes of people…

At the plague-infested hospital, Tosh sees a vision of her mother, who tells her

It is coming..through the darkness

Gwen sees Bilis Manger who briefly appears in a Torchwood cell and tells her

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Which is, of course, the Doctor’s usual line, but Gwen wouldn’t know that…

Ianto sees his girlfriend Lisa, in her pre-Cyberwoman state. She tells him that the Rift must be opened to save the world.

Owen wants to open the Rift again. Jack tells him that this would not be a very good idea at all. Owen challenges Jack’s authority, and Jack orders him to leave. Owen’s last words to him as he leaves are

Good luck with the end of the world

Thinking that the mysterious Bilis might have some useful information, Jack and Gwen track him down to his clock shop in one of Cardiff’s arcades. He knows about the Rift, and admits that he has the ability to step between times, but can’t or won’t give anything more away. As Jack leaves, he offers to show Gwen something – a vision of the future. He takes her hands, and she sees her boyfriend Rhys lying dead in a pool of blood on the floor of their flat.

Gwen runs home, and finding that Rhys is alive and well, she decides to prevent the vision from coming true. She stuns Rhys, so she can take him away without having to explain anything…

In a bar, drowning his sorrows, Owen sees Diane, the woman he fell in love with and lost. She tells him that she’s lost, and begs him to open the Rift, as this is the only way she can return.

Back at the Hub, Gwen thanks her colleagues for helping her get Rhys there. She’s put him in one of the cells, where nothing can get him. So it’s not at all surprising that at this point a security breach occurs. Lights go off, alarms sound, cell doors open. Rhys wanders out of his cell, wanting to know what’s going on. Now at this point, I was expecting a Weevil to come along and do horrible things to him, so I was moderately surprised to see the increasingly creepy Bilis appear and stab him to death. As Rhys’s life fades away, Bilis vanishes and the lights come back on.

Things are getting desperate now. Owen returns to the Hub, determined to open the Rift and put things right. This time, everyone except Jack agrees. They’ve all seen too much, been pushed too far. When Jack tries to stop them, Owen shoots him, and Jack once again appears to die.

The Rift is opened and All Hell Breaks Loose

As Jack stands up and asks what the hell they’ve done, Rhys’s body and the various people misplaced in time disappear from the Hub. And bits fall from the ceiling in the time honoured way. Everyone leaves the Hub.

Outside, they are confronted by Bilis. He, in suitably bonkers terms announces that he is the servant of Abaddon, an ancient being that had been trapped under the Rift. Saying that his work is done, he disappears again.

And Abaddon has indeed appeared. An enormous demonic creature it towers over the city. As its shadow passes, people fall dead. It is truly the destroyer.

Jack gets Gwen to take him close to the being, thinking that if it feeds on life

I’m an all you can eat buffet

And it seems Jack is too much for Abaddon. The demon falls down dead after trying to devour Jack’s life. Unfortunately, so does Jack.

Later, Gwen goes home and finds that Rhys is alive. It’s as if the events so far had never happened. Except that Jack is lying dead and cold in the Hub. Gwen stays with the body for days, before finally accepting that this time he’s really gone. She kisses him goodbye and turns away, and then she hears his voice

Thank you

Jack is back! Obviously all it took was a kiss. The team is reunited, with hugs all round – all very nice.

Now that everyone knows that the visions were part of Bilis’s trap, Gwen asks Jack what he saw. When he says that he didn’t see any visions, she asks what would have tempted him, to which he replies in words he used back in the first episode:

The right kind of Doctor

In the final scene, Jack’s alone in the Hub. That odd hand in the jar, which we believe to be the one that was cut from the Doctor’s arm in The Christmas Invasion starts glowing. Jack looks delighted, and even more so when a sound fills the room. Papers are blown all over the place as the unmistakable sound of the Tardis is heard.

Moments later, the rest of the team come back. The place is a mess (again) and Jack is missing…

And that is the end of the series. Beautifully done, and sets things up nicely for Jack to appear towards the end of this year’s Doctor Who series before returning to Torchwood later in the year.

And Torchwood itself is nicely set up for the future. We still have the unanswered questions about Owen’s possible Weevilness, and more unanswered questions about Jack – is he still unkillable, or has the encounter with Abaddon wiped that out? And talking of Abaddon, was it in any way related to the Beast in the Pit? And have we seen the last of Bilis? And how are they going to top a mile-high demon striding over Cardiff for the end of the next series?[2] And more to the point, what the heck am I going to watch for the next three months until Doctor Who returns?

[1] Russell T Davies likes to end a series with something Big and Dramatic
[2] I’m sure RTD will think of something

5 thoughts on “Torchwood – End of Days

  1. David

    I thought about the beast from the pit, didnt billis say something about the beast’s son of srvant or something??
    one question tho, how comes after owen short jack and he recovered, how did he react injured, limping etc?
    best line of the show was Jack screaming “BRING IT ON!” at abaddon :cheesy:

    Brilliant episode!

  2. Les Post author

    Indeed. Whether Abaddon was another aspect of the Beast, or just something similar from the deep past we may never know. Bilis said he was its servant. Now whether it’s the beast or just a beast is another question…

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