Torchwood – Series One Roundup

OK, I’ve babbled at some length about each episode, and dropped in a few more comments here and there, but I thought a quick concluding post would be a good idea. Torchwood seems to have divided opinion quite strongly. While a lot of people (like me) love it to bits, there seem to be a lot of other people who don’t like it at all.

As it’s a Doctor Who spin-off, and it stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack, I was always going to give it a chance, and a lot of leeway. I was prepared for a slowish start as we got to know the new characters, and maybe a bit of adjustment as it went along. But, for me at least, it all went very well indeed.

We’ve had PJ Hammond providing a reminder of why Sapphire and Steel was so good, reasons not to go to the country, reasons not to go out at night, and much more. All good stuff, and well put together.

And remember, there’s lots to see at the BBC Torchwood site. You definitely need to see the Torchwood Declassified episodes if nothing else.

And there’s a lot of subsidiary information for each episode on the, err, real Torchwood site.

4 thoughts on “Torchwood – Series One Roundup

  1. Andy

    The series had a slow start, but the ending was fantastic – all they need to do is make us care about the characters a little bit more, and it should help win the doubters around.

  2. Dawn

    I am a fellow Torchwood lover (or Woody or whatever we’re getting called). I agree that it was not without problems, but of course, this is the 1st season and in comparison with RTD’s main show Doctor Who, I would say that it will go the same way and improve drastically in season 2

  3. gg

    :grin: Absolutely adoring this show, and miserable l have to wait so long for the next series.
    I am in Australia and we haven’t even seen the show on TV yet. But due to word of mouth and loving the new Dr Who series l torrented Torchwood, and have seen every episode.
    Love Captain Jack Harkness (the guy and the episode); very moving and can watch it over and over. :wave:

  4. Dawn

    I totally agree gg. My main dilemma is do I get the dvds now or wait for the box set so I can watch ALL of them over and over. My personal favorite was Countrycide.
    I love Jack and Gwen, Ianto is very sweet and improving, Owen is still a slimy little creep.

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